Everyone wants confidence in the reliability of their vehicle, no matter what!

When the temperatures plummet and the weather makes driving potentially dangerous, you will appreciate the peace of mind that a Winter Ready Check provides. By taking care of your car, your car will take care of you and your family.

The Winter Ready Check includes assessing essential elements of your car, which will ensure your car is ready for whatever the weather throws at it!

Our Winter ready Check costs just £44.99! Book now to avoid disappointment!

Our aim is to ensure that your car has had all the key elements reviewed, and if necessary replaced, to keep your car able to perform well during the dark, cold winter months.


Everyone wants confidence in the reliability of their vehicle, no matter what!

Regular, professional servicing is an important factor in maintaining your car’s performance and reliability and the team at Gales Garage are able to service all makes and models of vehicles, including vehicles that are still covered by manufacturer’s warranties –  provided your vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions during their warranty period, you have the right to have the work undertaken by an independent garage without affecting your car’s warranty. We will make sure that your vehicle is serviced in accordance with their instructions.

All replacement parts will be of the same quality as the original, which means that your manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected.

If our experienced technicians come across any unforeseen problems, we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution.

With every service comes a check sheet of items inspected and reported on, giving you peace of mind on your vehicle condition and adding valuable information to its service history.

We are very competitive with our pricing, especially when compared with dealer prices… so please give us a call. Oh and don’t forget our FREE COLLECTION and DELIVERY SERVICE available to our Loyalty Scheme Clients! An added benefit from having your vehicle serviced with us, above competitive pricing, friendly staff, and guaranteed work.

Our aim is to give you a service with a personal touch at a price you can afford.

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Collection and Drop-off service available (FREE for Loyalty Scheme Members)

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The Winter Ready Check Includes:

  • Windscreen condition check

  • Washer & wiper blade condition check

  • Screen wash top up

  • Exterior light check

  • Air condition system check

  • Engine oil level check

  • Coolant / Antifreeze condition & level check

  • Battery health check

  • Charging system check

  • Ancillary drive belt condition check

  • Suspension check

  • Brake condition check

  • Exhaust system check

  • Tyre condition & pressure check

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